Our collaboration

We are offering sponsors a sales contract based on financing truffle bearing oak trees planted on certain parcels on our domain and receive 50% of the truffles produced on this parcel. The remaining 50% of the harvest will remain the property of the domain. Funds obtained will be used to maintain the trees, general overhead including the search for truffles.

As soon as the trees on these plots start to produce truffles, the sponsor will receive his/her portion of the truffles harvested calculated on the pro rata of the number of trees sponsored and the total number of trees on the parcel. He/she will be entitled to (i) 50% of the total production of the parcel or (ii) the monetary value of those truffles determined on the whole sale market in RICHERENCHES each Saturday morning.

Sponsors can receive their share of truffles each week in the following ways:
– Express shipment at their cost
– By picking them up directly at the domain

If the sponsor opts to receive the monetary value of the truffles the price will be based on the whole sale market rate established each Saturday morning in Richerenches. Richerenches is a village located on the north of the Vaucluse which hosts the largest truffle market in Europe each Saturday during the winter. The price offered to investors for their truffles will be the media market price. This price can be checked weekly on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Example : Mrs. L sponsors 20 trees on a parcel on which 300 trees were planted in 2006.

In 2013 she will receive
(½P season x 20) : 300
If P (production) is 20 kilos in 2013, the first year of production, she will receive 0.625 kilos of truffles.

Because quantity harvested from week to week varies, each week she will receive a different quantity. This will remain the case for the duration of the production season (from December through until the end of February – or mid-March if the weather conditions are exceptional.)

Globally at 7 years of age the trees grown on a parcel of 300 trees, can produce 25 kilos. For Mrs. L that translates to (12.5 ÷ 300) x 20 = 0.830 kilos of truffles.

As the trees mature the quantity of truffles they produce increases. In 2018 when they reach 12 years of age we can hope for a production of 45 kilos. For Mrs.L (22.5 ÷ 300) x 20 = 1.5 kilos of truffles.

At the age of 14,15 and 16 even greater quantities can be expected and this will continue until the trees reach the age of 20.